We've arrived in South Portugal


Olá ! Welcome to Évora !


Our UNESCO Medals have arrived in the historic capital of the Alentejo, Portugal!


Évora is a delightful Portuguese city full of charm and fantastic buildings. For years, it has been a major trading- and religious centre.  Even today, the city is vibrant and fun thanks to the large population of students, as the city is still known for one of the oldest universities in the world.


Planning a visit to Évora is a must-do during your trip in Portugal. The old city isn’t only stunning, the journey there will be breathtaking as well. The Alentejo region offers an authentic Portuguese experience with a wonderful culture, delicious cuisines and friendly smiling locals.


While visiting this sunlit village, don’t forget to capture the experience by taking home a UNESCO medal of the majestic cathedral and the atmospheric Praça do Giraldo.


Te vejo em Évora !

See you in Évora !