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Welcome to the official UNESCO World Heritage Medal Collection website!


This website gives some more information about a brand new UNESCO project the “UNESCO World Heritage Medal Collection” . Together with National Tokens, one of the world’s leading souvenir coin distributors, UNESCO created a program for all the UNESCO World Heritage sites. World Heritage sites are our legacy from the past, which we cherish today and we hope to pass on to future generations.


Souvenirs are the perfect way to remember a special place, to relive a lovely journey, to discover an interesting history and to experience a fascinating culture. With this exclusive UNESCO World Heritage Medal Collection, every site gets the chance to create their own medals of this legacy, allowing visitors to partake in their history by taking home a souvenir. Through these souvenir coins, World Heritage sites can provide a medal of remembrance for their visitors, all while collecting funds and helping raise awareness about their conservation needs.

Unfortunately, today we are in the middle of a dark period that in the history books will be known as the COVID-19 crisis. This cruel and severe virus captivates the whole world. It has already claimed thousands of victims and it continues to spread. We deeply regret the great losses and our hearts and thoughts go out to all the victims, their friends and family.


We are experiencing hard times, but together we will defeat this virus. In a world, where we are used to travelling, to meeting new people and to discovering new places and cultures, this is a hard task. However, we need to be persistent to overcome this virus and save each other.


Later, once everything is behind us, there will be plenty of time to start travelling again and to discover the numerous wonders in this world. But for now, stay home and stay safe.


Together we can do this! Together against Corona!